Pork Loin Chops with Corn Relish

Looking for a little more protein with your vegetables?  Let’s add some lean meat.  Pork LOIN chops are leaner than skinless chicken thighs. (Surprised me, too!)


So, I don’t think you can beat fresh corn while it’s in season; you’ll see a lot of it here. And roasted or grilled?  YUM!

Grill your corn while you grill your chops, saving time. Or pan-sear the chops while the corn is roasting in the oven at 375 degrees (spray ears with Pam!).

For two people, you will need:

  • 2 pork loin chops, bone-in or out!
  • 1 green tomato
  • 1 large yellow peach (yes, it’s a surprise!), cut into 1/2 inch cubes
  • fresh corn kernels cut from 2 roasted or grilled ears
  • a bit of red bell pepper is nice here, too (optional)
  • salt & pepper
  • 2 TBL. olive oil
  • 1 TBL freshly chopped parsley
  • 2 TBL. red wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp. chopped fresh thyme

As mentioned above, prepare your chops and corn.  While they’re cooking, chop the tomato and toss it together with the peaches, oil, parsley, vinegar, thyme, salt and pepper. Cut the kernels from the ears of corn when cool enough to handle. Add the kernels to the tomato-peach mixture.

Plate your chops and serve with the corn relish on one side.  A pretty plate and full of healthy goodness!

‘Til next time…CHEERS!!!

A Side of Roasted Corn

So, we’re all loading up on the fresh corn that’s readily available at the market now.

I, personally, like to prepare a side with green beans and Mexican flavors to make the flavor of the corn POP!  It looks like this:


We have several great veggies here and a different treatment for green beans, if your family doesn’t normally want to eat them!!

For 2 people, you would need:

  • 3 ears of corn, roasted (pull down the husks about 4 inches, remove what silks you can, then drizzle a little olive oil on the corn and fold the husks back up)
  • a large handful of green beans, ends trimmed and beans cut into 2-inch pieces
  • 1/3 of a red bell pepper, sliced thin, then cut into small cubes
  • a large clove of garlic, minced
  • several slices of a red onion, diced
  • crumbled cotija cheese (Mexican parmesan)  or feta

Roast the ears of corn for about 25 minutes at 375 degrees.

Boil some salted water and blanch the green beans for 3 minutes, then cool quickly in cold water to stop the cooking.

In the same pan, make a turn of olive oil (about a TBL.) and slowly cook the red onion, red bell pepper, then garlic.

Cut the slightly cooled corn off the ears and mix with prepared beans, bell pepper, garlic,  and red onion. Add 1/8-1/4 cup cotija cheese and stir lightly.

It’s colorful and inviting as well as tasty—and you’ll even eat the green beans!!!